Member Guideline

Welcome to your Member Guideline

As an Intern, how long are you expected to work in 1 week?

You work every Wednesday from 8 to 12. It turns out that starting next week, one of your courses at your university will be held on Wednesday from 9 to 11. Can you change your work schedule?

You have been accepted as a full-time UX designer at another company. As an intern at Imperial Healthtech, you want to tell the COO about it and want to resign. You must send a letter of resignation no later than...

Where and to whom should you send your resignation letter?

What is the function of the daily report?

If your squad's daily meeting schedule is at 10 am, while today you work from 1 to 5 pm. Do you have to attend daily meetings?

What should you do if you can't attend the daily meeting and daily report?

Below are the actions that will be given disciplinary sequences, except…

Orange notice in disciplinary sequences means?

If you forget your Imperial Healthetch email password, what should you do?

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