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"I love working here. At Imperial Healthtech, I gain a lot of knowledge, both through the projects and from the training provided. A comfortable work environment with coworkers who are always helpful."
Ibnu Fathan
Full-Time Software Engineer
"At Imperial Healthtech I found new insights to improve my skills and experience with a flexible and comfortable work environment."
Riyan Surya Kencana
Full-Time Software Engineer
I had an extremely rewarding experience. The internship was very varied, I've learned a lot about writing the best content, participating in the marketing team, and having the opportunity to give my feedback as well."
Melva Bintang
Ex-Intern. Full-Time Associate Editor

High performing teams

Imperial Healthtech is rewriting the rules of modern healthcare. If you want to make healthcare better for everyone and thrive on problem-solving at scale, we want you to join our team.


Our environment is designed to make our people feel safe psychologically, where we make sure to understand others' perspectives and cultivate compassion in every aspect of our work.


Excellent work is our main goal, and we make sure we do it with full accountability to deliver on the highest standards. We continuously seek simple and elegant solutions by setting automation and guidelines to produce excellent work.


Communication is the key; that’s why we implement open communication so that we can depend on each other and do the right thing with integrity consistently.


We thrive on change and embrace the "fail fast, learn faster" mindset. We always give our people the freedom to innovate. Our people are encouraged to think big, learn, and experiment–a key to producing tons of ideas and impact.

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Remote Internships

Maximize your creativity and impact in ways that are sustainable for you and your schedule. Our internship is designed to be as flexible as possible, without neglecting the importance of absorbing experience and connecting with other interns via team bonding. We provide you with customized tools and technology to ensure you have the best tools possible to build the best products and stay connected in our digital-first environment.

Full-Time at Semarang Office

We're growing quickly and, like a rocket ship, we show no signs of slowing down. Talented people choose to work with us because we provide everything they need to feel challenged, hone their craft, and learn from one another. Surround yourself with a high-performing team and level up quickly. We care about the people we work with. We demonstrate that care with benefits and self-directed development budgets to support learning and growth.

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Edward Ciputra

Research Writer Intern

"Being part of Imperial Healthtech was an extraordinary opportunity for me. Despite my position as an intern, I was given the flexibility and opportunity to express my ideas and aspirations, which was surprisingly highly appreciated in this company. I have also been able to touch more lives through my work on screening tools at Centafit. I am grateful that this experience has provided me with a unique working experience in international settings, which is important for my future career."

“I am grateful to join and grow with Imperial Healthtech. A supportive corporate culture makes me comfortable and increases my productivity at work. Everyone in the team is very responsive and helps each other out. I am satisfied with the self developments I have experienced and the trust which was given to finish the project supportively, progressively, and positively."

Vauri Audia

Content Writer Intern

Mohamad Johan Arifin

Software Engineer Intern

"I like the way Imperial Healthtech's work, how supportive the team is, and the way the team makes me feel relied upon and trusted on a project. And I also like the fact that the company gives me a chance to make a direct impact on the company's project."

"I feel very comfortable here. I never imagined that my writing would be read by many people. I am happy that the work that I do at Imperial Healthtech can be useful for others and of course help me grow even more."​

Siti Muawanah

Content Writer Intern